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Breath of Fresh Air

Yet here we are. Swallowing up the mundane life that we don’t have to be living. That is right. You can jump up from your feet right now. And live. Here is some poetry that I made that really makes me feel alive. Falling And when I did,  You thought I was going backwards, Settling

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Letting it go

Breaking free from a relationship that is tearing you down. That is one of the hardest adulthood lessons that I am developing. Because I am starting to see that some relationships are not supposed to last. This is geared towards a romantic relationship I had in highschool. And instead of making a list on how

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My First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog. I am Isabella. “Fella, I have a lot to say.” IsabellaFella There are truly, so many topics that I am ready to jump into. But a little background information on myself would be a kinder, less abrasive way to start. I am nineteen years old. Pause. That is important. I am

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